All Inclusive Gaming.

LGBTFC: Mission Statement
LGBT+ & Friends Community
LGBTFC is an online community dedicated to LGBT+ people and video game culture.
We aim to help LGBT+ people find their place in the world so that they can feel part of a community of like-minded people, and understand that they’re a valued, beautiful and incredibly important person in society. No one should ever feel lonely.
We also aim to promote LGBT+ rights, love and equality as we step forth into the modern-age sphere of technology and the internet. Although video games are incredibly forward, at times they can be very backwards in terms of being LGBT+ friendly. We aim to change this.
This community is a safe place where people are able to freely talk about their same-sex partner, their gender transitioning and coming out of the closet.
The most important aspect of our mission however is to make sure that everyone enjoys the time that they spend with us, whether that be talking to people via our chats, or enjoying yourself whilst gaming with us over our multiple platforms.
We want to make you feel happy, worthwhile and part of something.


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