LGBTFC 2.0 Revamp

Hey everyone I think it’s important that people do something that they love in their spare time, I also think it’s super important that people love what they’re doing – our main values and assets are giving community to people online regardless of their sexuality, so that people who don’t have support IRL can have that; offering support to LGBT+ people, particular transgender people and those with mental health problems – but honestly support for everyone; to pursue and campaign LGBT+ and other humanist issues, and finally to create a fun loving atmosphere for everyone.

I think we’re definitely able to reiterate these goals and help more people than we currently are doing, even being kinder and more loving to our current members. I intend to do this by a complete restructure, allowing our fantastic and beautiful members to offer humanist campaigns to us that we can support, or just help flourishing a new idea within the community. It’s important to do that.

Community Moderators+ will be able to do more too, such as perhaps random acts of kindness to members that are struggling, or simply more tools to promote community and kindness throughout our group. Because of this, all current Moderators will be removed – they’re more than free to reapply. We want people to help us out based on our ethics, not on power. Expect more news soon!

I also want to change the way we deal with issues, I know I have been a terrible person in some administrative situations, but it’s time to put an end to all of that. We are completely revitalising our ethics.

We want to be an Online LGBT+ Gaming Community that people love, talk to their friends about and can’t get enough of. We’re more than capable of achieving this – we want to make our members feel valued, and most of all we want to help people. Attend IRL Pride events, create resources for kids online that might not know there’s safe spaces – do more with the resources we already have.

Thanks for reading.



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