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Table of Contents

-Education and other resources


-Personal Identity


-Health and Wellbeing




-added 6 links in health and wellbeing

-added 1 link in gender

-added 1 link in education



LGBT Terminology Glossary

A glossary of common terms used within the LGBT+ community


Trans FAQ

The HRC have produced a list of frequently asked questions about trans people. This may serve as an introduction to trans issues for those who don’t know much about it, but would like to learn the basics.


What Is Internalised Homophobia?

An article by The Rainbow Project which aims to explain what internalised homophobia is, and how to recognise it in yourself.


Internalised Homophobia

Revel and Riot have a very useful article on what internalised homophobia is, and how to overcome it.


A Storied Glossary of Iconic LGBT Flags and Symbols

An article detailing the most common LGBT flags and symbols, what they mean, and how they came to be.


Bisexuality by Robyn Ochs

Robyn Ochs is a bisexual activist and speaker, and this is a resource list of bi-specific things.


Lesbian Herstory Archives

Official site of the world’s largest collection of materials by and for lesbians and their communities.


Everyone Is Gay

This website offers advice, entertainment, and education to LGBT youth. They also provide resources for schools and parents in an attempt to make these environments better for LGBT youth.


Everything Gender (part 1)

Part of Ashley Mardell’s ‘ABCs of LGBT’ series. This one talks about gender, and explains many terms you may not be familiar with. Here is part 2.


How to Be An Ally to Queer People of Colour

This is a short list of ways white people can change their behaviour to make sure the LGBT community is inclusive towards POC.


QPOC Shoutouts

This article contains a list of Queer People of Colour specific organisations, mostly across the USA. The website as a whole is dedicated to elevating the voices of QPOC.


Non-Discrimination Laws in the USA

Laws which prevent discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation differ from state to state. Check here for a brief overview of what laws apply where.


Immigration Equality

This organisation seeks to help LGBT and HIV Positive immigrants who are seeking safety in the United States.



UK based LGBT immigration organisation. Their name stands for UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group, but they offer help for everybody in the LGBT community who is either seeking asylum or immigrating to the UK.


The Five Sexes, Why Male and Female are Not Enough (library paywall link)

This paper by Anne Fausto-Sterling, a leading sexologist, proposes a tongue in cheek approach to assigning sex. Here is the free PDF version.



What Are Pronouns?

Short video by Minus18, Australia’s largest youth-led organisation for LGBT+ Youth. This video explains in simple terms what pronouns are, what the common ones are, and why it’s important to use the correct pronouns for someone.


They Is My Pronoun

A wordpress-hosted site with many resources on how to use the gender neutral pronouns “they/them,” with real-life applications, and answers to questions you may have about living life in the grey area.


Tips on training yourself to change pronouns for someone you care about (or anyone really)

This is a very short guide with some tips on how to get used to using a different set of pronouns for someone.


How To Apologise for Misgendering Someone

A short and sweet article about the best course of action after you misgender somebody.


Pronoun Dressing Room

This site allows you to enter names and pronouns and gives you a little preview of how they’ll sound together to give you an idea of if new names and pronouns are right for you.



Am I Gay? A Guide for People who Question Their Sexual Orientation

This is an in-depth and respectful guide written by Richard H Reams Ph.D. aimed towards those who are trying to figure out their sexual orientation.


Ask a Gender Therapist: How Do I Know If I’m Transgender?

Dara Hoffman-Fox is a gender therapist who puts out a regular blog on the subject of gender. This is her post responding to the common question: “am I trans?”


Possible signs of Asexuality

A three-part post on Asexuality Archive, with information on how to determine if you may be asexual or not.


I Think I Might Be Bisexual, Now What Do I Do?

A brochure written by young bisexual people for anyone who may be questioning if they’re bisexual or not.


Coming Out Guides

Two guides produced by LGBT Youth Scotland with tips on how to know if you’re ready to come out, what to expect afterwards, and some helpful links afterwards. Some parts are Scotland/UK specific, but the guide itself is universal. Direct links to the PDFs: Coming Out as Lesbian, Gay, or Bisexual and Coming Out as Trans


How to Deal With Homophobic Parents

This is a short article on how to deal with having homophobic parents, and what you can do to take care of yourself in such a situation.


Asexuality, Attraction, and Romantic Orientation

A list of terms for different types of attraction, and an explanation for the difference between sexual and romantic attraction.


Actually Intersex

This blog is for intersex people only. It offers advice and resources, and is a safe space for intersex people. It is not an education blog however, so if you’re dyadic (not intersex) please look at these other links instead of asking this blog any questions.


Fuck Yeah Intersex!

A blog with more of an education focus on intersex issues. It also contains resources and information for intersex people.



The Art of Transliness

A blog run by two trans men who set out to create a magazine-like blog with resources and entertainment specific to trans men.


Tucking and Other Skills

A blog collecting resources for trans women and other DMAB (designated male at birth) transfeminine people.


Feminization Secrets

Started by Lucille Sorella, this website contains tips and tricks on how to feminise your appearance, and shows you things you may not have thought about before.


Trans Clothes Exchange

Many people donate clothes here for trans people who need clothes for free or cheap. If you have clothes lying around, post them on here. If you need clothes, have a look.


Non-Binary Safe Space

This blog posts advice and resources for nonbinary people.


Transgender Teen Survival Guide

This blog offers advice, posts how-tos, and directs people to resources specific to being a trans teenager. They will also take questions from allies who want to know more.



Nonbinary.org is a nonbinary gender wiki, and a visibility, education and advocacy network, arguing for equal access to employment, services and medical treatment for those who don’t fit the gender binary.


Chest Binding 101

Many trans people are unaware of how to bind safely, which can lead to injuries and permanent damage. This article tells you how to safely bind, and where to get binders. It also has links to places to donate binders, or receive a donated binder.



The Trevor Project

The Trevor project provide crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for LGBT Youth (ages 13-24) in the US. They offer a hotline, an instant messaging service, text message service, and a social media space, all for free, to help any LGBT youth in a crisis or dealing with suicidal thoughts. Phone based services are US only.



PACE is a UK LGBT mental health charity, who offer face-to-face services in London, and some online services UK-wide.



Non LGBT specific UK suicide prevention charity. 08457 90 90 90 is their UK number, calls cost 2p per minute plus standard network charge. Their website also contains other resources for suicide and crisis prevention.


Trans Lifeline

Trans specific lifeline, currently US and Canada only. This service is run by trans people, for trans people. You can find the times an operator is generally on call HERE.


Crisis Chat

This is an online text based helpline service for if you’re feeling suicidal or otherwise. There’s no need to call, just click through this website to speak to a trained mental health professional.



Another online text based crisis helpline. All volunteers have had a minimum of 40 hours of training in crisis prevention. Part of the Hopeline network.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

A US-based suicide helpline. They have a phone line, but this particular link will take you to their online crisis chat.


Crisis Text Line

A US-only cell phone texting crisis line. Free of charge and available on most networks, and available all the time. Click through or text START to 741-741


Broken Rainbow

UK based charity for LGBT domestic abuse. They have a helpline, and other resources, for if you are experiencing domestic abuse, or are in an otherwise toxic relationship. It also has a quick exit button, in case you need to leave the site immediately.


The Hotline

US based non-LGBT specific domestic abuse charity. This page has information on LGBT abuse in particular. Their website contains a multitude of information on abusive relationships in general, and ways for you to get help if needed.


CasualConversation Resources

/r/CasualConversation on Reddit has a really great list of resources covering links to help for suicide, self harm, bereavement, job loss, recovery, and LGBTQ issues. If you’re struggling, this may help.


Mental Health at Work

This article outlines what rights you have with regards to mental health at work. There are many laws in place to protect people who are mentally ill at work, and this will give you a starting point.


The Basics of HIV Prevention

Information on how HIV is spread, how to protect yourself, and what you can do to protect others.


Safe Sex for Lesbians and Bisexual Women

Although women who have sex with women are generally at lower risk for things like HIV, pregnancy, and other diseases, there is still a risk. This article covers a range of ways lesbians and bisexual women can enjoy safe sex.


Cutting and Self Harm

This article from HelpGuide aims to give people an understanding of what self harm is, and offers some alternatives to self harm.


Beating the Blues

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a very popular form of therapy that is highly recommended for anxiety and depression. Beating the Blues operates on Computerised Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, which is an entirely self driven therapy, and is recommended by the NHS.




Paris is Burning (English subtitles available)

A documentary about LGBT+ life in New York in the 80s, focusing on ball culture. Drag queens, houses, gay life, and trans life. This documentary is an invaluable snapshot of a golden age of queer history, and continues to influence our community today.



This is a short Danish film about an FTM teenager who comes out to his mother. Subtitles are in English.


The Celluloid Closet

A documentary about LGBT representation during the time of Hay’s Code, a time in Hollywood when explicit or positive representation of LGBT people was banned, and how filmmakers got around this ban.



A film that has been praised for its accurate portrayal of intersex people. Free on Hulu. IMDB page is here.


The Big Gay Sketch Show

Developed by Rosie O’Donnel, this show contains a multitude of sketches, all based around LGBT lives and humour. (region locked to USA)



Stone Butch Blues (pdf format)

A novel by transgender activist Leslie Feinberg, exploring gender and sexuality in a pre-Stonewall era. it follows Jess Goldberg’s distinctly blue-collar journey of coming out as a butch lesbian, and exploring gender, but finding it’s not as easy as it seems, all in a time when being gay was illegal.




The Advocate is an LGBT focused news, rights, politics, and entertainment site.



“Pop culture site that plays for your team.” This is a lesbian focused pop culture site, with articles on lesbians in TV, movies, and media, as well as general lesbian lifestyle.



The most popular gay magazine in the UK. This magazine has been delivering content to the gay men of the UK for over 20 years, and remains the best in the business.


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